IHSW May 2014

Hello dear friends and followers,

we've had a really rainy weekend here in Austria. Some parts of the country have experienced severe floods during the last days, I hope everyone will be ok soon again. I live quite near the Danube, luckily this river doesn't carry as much water as one year ago, when our area was hit by floods, too.

But there is also one positive effect this weather has: It is the perfect excuse for stitching! :-) So I busied myself with needle and thread and here is what I did over the weekend.
This is where I started on Friday

A finish by Saturday midnight: LHN Little Sheep Virtues "Peace"

I even managed to start a new project, any guesses?
But I did not only stitch, yesterday afternoon we were invited to a friend's birthday party. As we had all been asked to bring something to eat or drink, I heated on the oven in the morning and made these:
Bagels still are something rather exotic in Austria and when people see them for the first time they usually ask whether they are sweet or salty. But so far I haven't met anyone who didn't like them once they've had one. :-) I feel that cooking and baking also are among the right things to do when the weather is dull.

This afternoon the rain finally ended and the sun came out - what a wonderful sight! Sunshine never fails to make me happy.

I wish you all a lot of sunshine and a very happy week!


At our house

Hello dear friends and followers,

when I started this blog, I also started to stitch some house rules. I finally finished them and hung them at the inside of our front door, so that everybody can see them when they are leaving or entering the house (and closing the door behind them ;-) ).

Here is what my finished piece looks like:

Lizzie*Kate - At our house
I really enjoyed stitching this piece with all the hand-dyed threads that came with it and the words truly appeal to me.

On Monday I finished a piece for an exchange, which I am not able to show yet, but will take to the post office tomorrow. The theme is "Summer" and I think I stitched a very nice design for my partner...

The weather will be cold, windy and rainy most of the weekend, so this is going to be a stitchy one :-)
Maybe I will have a new finish to share with you next week.

Happy stitching, everyone!