February SFS 2015-A Report

Month: February
Spent: $ 24.26
Earned: $ 17.00
Carried over from January: $ 27.18
Budget February: $ 25.00
To be carried over to March: $ 44.92

Hello dear friends and followers,

time for the monthly Stitch from Stash report, organized by Mel over at Epic Stitching. I have to admit that I am quite proud of myself as I finished three stash pieces this month.

Here is the finished and framed border collie, DH was as nice as to pick up the frame I had ordered on his way home from work today :-) I had taken it from my UFO pile about 1/8 finished, so I only claim $7 of the $8 the finished piece earned me (73 x 79 stitches).

I love the mount that came with the kit and the vintage style frame!
The second finished project (61 x 61 stitches, $8) was for an exchange, so I cannot show it to you yet.
And last but not least I finished the Lickle Ted Christmas Card I had started in December, about half of it was stitched in February, which earns me $2 (40 x 40 stitches).

Only 10 months left until Christmas ;-)
And here is the stash I invested in, which arrived only yesterday from the U.S., I simply could not ignore the Super Bowl sale with its 25% off....

How is your stitching going? Have a wonderful weekend!


Gifted Gorgeousness February

Hallo dear friends and followers,

I have to admit that I missed posting on the 15th because of carnival celebrations and recovering from them... LOL! Now everything is back to normal again. Not that carnival is such an extremely big issue here around Vienna, but there are some parties to attend, some people to meet and having lots of fun.

I have stitched a lot lately, but sadly not much on my Gifted Gorgeousness project, my stitching time was spent working on an exchange piece I cannot show yet and finishing a stitched tablecloth for a work colleague of mine. She started it, made some mistakes and then lost interest. As the piece is meant to be a birthday present for a friend of hers, she asked me to finish it for her.

Well, but I made some progress around the lettering on my coffee piece, believe me, this confetti stitching drives me nearly nuts. I am happy to have made any progress at all and will pick this WIP up next week again. So hopefully next month I will be able to show you some major progress. :-)

Here is a closeup of the section I am working on at the moment:

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely week!


Happy Valentine's Day!

This is just a quick post to share with you the wonderful Valentine's card a very dear friend from the US, who is a talented artist, has sent me by mail. It is showing DH handing over a heart filled with 40 pounds of swiss chocolate to me. He knows me so well... LOL

Happy Valentine's Day to you all, I hope you all got as spoilt as I was!