January SFS2015-A Report

Hello dear friends and followers,

thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post, how nice to know that there are some people out there who are interested in my little stitching. :-)

It's time to give my monthly report on

organized by Mel from Epic Stitching. So how did I do?

Month: January 2015
Spent: $ 5.82
Earned: $ 8.00
which with the January budget of $ 25.00 means that I have $27.18 to carry over to February - yay!

I have one finish from stash, the pirate I shared in my last post, here again the picture for all of you that only have time to read this one.

Sue Hillis Designs "Pillage and Plunder"
I started it on 1st January, which means that I can claim the total stitch count of 86 x 56 stitches, which, according to the rules, earns me $ 8.00 :-)

I am also busy working on my second project, the border collie, which now should not take me long to finish anymore. Here is where I stand today:

Really, I do think I would not have brought it out from my UFO pile without SFS, so it seems to help, thank you Mel ! My next project will be for an exchange and this is also which I spent the few dollars for, because I needed some embellishments and threads.

Now back to my stitching, so I will have some more finished stitching from stash in February to show you!

Hope you all have a wonderful week,


IHSW January 2015

Hello dear friends and followers,

thank you all for your lovely comments and spurring me on to finish my Mystic Stitch piece this year.

It was the third weekend of the month which means that it was time to have a hermit and stitch weekend (if you do not yet know what this is, please click on the icon on the right-hand bar).

As I also joined "Stitch from Stash" (more about this next week), I took an old UFO out of my pile and worked on it all weekend. Here is where I started:

I managed to get quite some stitching done and now you can see much better that it is going to be a picture of a border collie:

It is a DMC kit designed by Pollyanna Pickering and came with a beautiful printed mount. The fabric is a printed 14ct aida, which makes a lovely background, the second photo shows the original colors much better. I had it lying around unfinished for some years (at least 5, shame on me!), no idea why I did not finish it, somehow I lost interest.

But not only did I stitch, on Friday afternoon I had a framing session and did the finish on DH's pirate. I put it in an IKEA frame I had at home. I also tried a black one, but it looked a bit too dark and I wanted it to be a little more cheerful. What do you think?

Can you see the little golden treasure chest in the red square? Really cute!

And then there was a piece I finished about 6 years ago but never framed. In November I had a frame custom made and not FINALLY I put the lady in her frame. May I present to you my African beauty:

A Vervaco kit stitched on cream 14ct aida

I must say that I am really satisfied with what I have achieved so far this year.

Well, DH has prepared some Cuba Libre and as it is dangerous to have a full glass near the computer, I leave you here for today.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of stitching pleasure!



Gifted Gorgeousness January

Hello dear friends and followers,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a good start into the new year!

Today is the day to post "Gifted Gorgeousness", a SAL from Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching.
It is all about using stash you have been gifted or stitching pieces you plan to give to someone, a lovely idea.

I have not been at least as busy as Jo, but let me show you what I've managed so far:

Sue Hillis Designs, Pillage and Plunder
This is a piece DH has asked for to display in his new office. He is now self-employed and can decorate his office the way he likes :-)  It is ready to be pressed, the charm sewn on and framed, which I hope to do at the weekend.

And there is another piece of stitching, which is most likely to accompany me all year long.

Mystic Stitch "Coffee Time"
This is going to be a present for friends of mine, which I should have finished ages ago. It was one of the main reasons to join "Gifted Gorgeousness", because I hope that it will spur me on to finally finish it this year.

I'm planning to frame another picture at the weekend, so stay tuned, I will hopefully be able to show my framed pieces to you on Monday!

Time to go to bed now, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!