One weekend and two starts

As DH has been trying to convince me for months to start my own blog, well ... here it is!
Needle, spoon and saxophone stand for three of my major likes: Cross stitching, cooking and playing the saxophone. I am a keen gardener, too and a very active and sociable person, so there might be a few other photos posted that just stitchy stuff.

And here is this weekend's second start:

At Our House from Lizzie*Kate
We got married two months ago and I thought is was a good idea to display some "house rules" to remind us of what really matters in our lives.

The photo is not perfect, but I got a new camera recently and still have to check a few things out...

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Finally you did it, I am so proud of you, your DH

  2. YAY Silvia, really pleased to see your new blog. And I'm your first follower!

  3. Welcome to blogland! Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing all your photos.

  4. Great let's get crafty.