IHWS September 2013 and autumn in Austria

Hello dear friends and followers,

last weekend was the third September one, and this means IHWS! (for all of you, who do not know what IHSW is, click here). It was the first time I joined in the fun and although I did not hermit as much as I had planned, it was a very enjoyable experience.

So here is where I started on Friday after work:

Lizzie*Kate - 6 Fat Men

And this is what it looked like yesterday evening before I went to bed:

Sorry for the creases, I didn't want to waste any time ironing. :-)

Here in Austria autumn is well on its way and this is the perfect time to do a little hiking and check if the grapes are already ripe (I live in an area where a lot of wine is grown).
Wachau - a World Cultural Heritage

The grapes do not look bad ...

On the upper photo you can see the ruins of Dürnstein castle, which is where according to the legend the English king Richard Lionheart was incarcerated. Today tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape without taking the risk of not returning home. ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Beautiful pictures of where you live Silvia. I like the colour fabric you have chosen to stitch your 6 fat men on too.

  2. Dear Silvia.....Awesome landscape! It must be inspiring to see all that beauty daily! Your stitching is exceptional...thanks so much for sharing! Lisa K