Long, long time ago....

I started this blog and now I caught myself not having blogged for month! This ought to be changed. Now. Immediately!

So what have I been up to? From 24th January to 10th February I have spent the holiday of my lifetime visiting a lot of animals in a faraway land, for example this one:

DH and I have been on our a little bit belated honeymoon to Uganda, where we spent fabulous 2.5 weeks exploring the country and its wildlife. Seeing gorillas in their natural habitat was an unforgettable experience, but there was so much more to see than this. We fell in love with the whole country and its people.

So no wonder I have not gotten much stitching done this year until now, but I can show you one piece I finished for Christmas as a present for my BFF.

Lizzie Kate - Perfectly kept house
She moved into her newly built house with her partner and I thought that a reminder to take the housework easy could be of help. ;-) It now has pride of place in her hall, which of course makes me very happy.

This winter has been a very warm one and now it looks like spring is already around the corner. DH and I took a stroll in the woods alongside the Danube on Sunday and we found the unmissable sign that winter will soon be over:

Snowdrops! They are not all out yet, but when they are it almost looks like a white carpet underneath the trees. It was nice to see some fresh green, because everything still is rather brown and grey, at least this is what it looks like to us after our holidays in the African sun.

I hope you all are keeping well out there and I promise to keep in touch more regularly in the future. :-)

Have a wonderful week!

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