Giving thanks

Hello dear friends and followers,

it already is autumn and so it is the time to give thanks for this year's harvest. Two weeks ago we spent a lovely weekend at the Lake Neusiedl in the south east of our country. We had invited my BFF and her partner to a fancy dinner and stayed overnight in the rooms the restaurant rents. After a few glasses of wine from that corner of Austria we were glad that we just had to cross the yard to reach our accommodation. :-) Just look at the dessert DH had, they call it "Lady Gaga" and is the finest mousse au chocolat.

On Sunday we had a lovely breakfast and then headed off to the church to attend the Thanksgiving Mass. Is is a tradition to have some wine, beer and food afterwards in the form of a "Frühschoppen", so they had put up wooden tables and banks in front of the church, a band was playing traditional music and everybody had a good time.

DH and myself in in front of the harvest crown

How lovely they had decorated the trailer, which was pulled by a tractor.
Friends of ours run a farm on which they produce the most wonderful organic food. They told us that this year's potatoes grew extremely big and I said that I love those big ones for cooking jacket potatoes. Two days later they delivered a sack full of giant and funny shaped potatoes to our doorstep. Have a look at this one, it shows with how much love they grow their vegetables. :-)

I also managed to get some stitching done and today finished framing my Halloween piece, I am quite satisfied with how it turned out.

My finished and framed Stoney Creek design.
I wish you all a lovely autumn with lots of stitching time.

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  1. Lovely framed Halloween piece. I love the hand dyed fabric.