IHSW November 2014

Hello dear friends and followers,

it was a grey and rainy weekend, the best excuse to do some hermitting and stitching! I started a new project on Friday and finished it on Sunday evening, here is the finished stitching:

Dimensions Tis the Season Ornament

What you see in the background is the fabric I used for finishing, I bought it at a show in London last year in November. When you see something you like, better just buy it, it will come in handy at some time later! :-)

Yesterday I did the finishing of this and it's sister ornament "Have a merry Christmas", also by Dimensions.

I will offer them for sale at an early Christmas market I'll do with two crafty friends of mine (one is a professional potter and the other one makes jewelry) on Thursday. These ornaments turned out so pretty that I hope nobody will buy them, because I would like to see them on our own tree this Christmas. ;-)

Thank you for your lovely comments, which are much appreciated, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Happy stitching,


  1. Hello, I found my way here via Jo's blog and her new year long SAL for 2015 :)
    Oooh I love what you have been stitching, your cookie jar band is wonderful, such a great gift.
    Your Christmas ornaments are brilliant, I love what you have stitched and the fabric you have chosen.. oooh yes and how you finished them too!
    Looking forward to seeing what you stitch next...
    Smiles :)

  2. Lovely finishes, I love your backing fabric choice to.

  3. Hi, those patterns on the black aida lok very nice and I adore the backing fabric you chose. Great job! and unfortunately I think you will sell them ;)

  4. Wow! The choice of black fabric for these is just ingenious!! Fabulous :)

  5. You don't often see ornaments stitched on black - they look terrific. Love the backing fabric.

  6. Hey, I hope somebody will buy them for much higher price and will order some more!
    Evalina, This and that...