MAY SFS 2015 A - Report

Spent: $ 4.50
Earned: $ 4.00
Carried over from April: $ 55.77
Budget May: $ 25.00
To be carried over to June: $ 80.27

Hello dear friends and followers,

it is that time of the month again, and although I have not been able to finish more than one small project, I have been a good girl and did not spend much either.

The $ 4.50 were spent on threads for an ongoing project and the $ 4.00 I earned were for this cutie:

Only six months to go until Christmas season is beginning!      ;-)

Hubby and I were on holidays and came back only yesterday evening after an eight hour drive from this wonderful place:

We spent some lovely days at Lake Garda together with friends of ours and three inflatable canoes. We paddled from one café to the next and I have to say that my trousers seem to have shrunk a little...

I hope that you all are having a good time with lots of stitching going on!

Best wishes to you all,

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