IHSW June 2015

Hello dear friends and followers,

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, some of you maybe enjoying IHSW, just as I did. I am one day late posting what I was working on, but I have a good excuse: Yesterday DH and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! We went out for dinner and had a good glass of wine.

Here is where I started on Friday afternoon:

Despite taking (and passing with the marks "excellent"!) a saxophone exam I had been practicing for the last few weeks on Saturday, I managed to get some stitching done and here you can see where I left it on Sunday evening:

This also is my current Stitch from Stash piece, which I hope to finish in early July. Watch this space for a picture of the finished piece! :-)
Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, but we are not having too much sunshine at the moment, I hope that summer will be back soon again.

A lovely week to all of you!


  1. Lovely design , I have this one I think it is HUGS .

  2. Happy Anniversary. I think the second one is Cotton, so maybe you should have some new DMC as a gift?
    I love Emily Peacock's letters, I recognised this straight away!