IHSW August 2015

Hello dear friends and followers,

it has been a really hot weekend, most likely the last one like this for a long time...
I took lots of time to sit outside in a shady place and stitch to my little heart's content. Friday noon I started here:

 It is a design from a spring issue of Cross Stitcher called "Locked on you" and I really enjoy working on it. On Sunday afternoon I finished the top half and now it looks like this:

The first photo is much more true to the actual color. I hope to be able to finish it soon, because my fingers are already itching to start some Christmas project.

What are you all up too stitching wise?

Greetings from good old Austria!


  1. Wsa für ein schönes Projekt das ist. Es sieht so fein und delikat aus auf dem blau-grauen Stoff.
    Ich sticke gerade die Backstitches auf meinem letzen Sommer-Teil. Danach geht es weiter mit mehr herbstlichen Sachen.

  2. Beautiful work it is so elegant to use one monochromatic colors!

  3. Was für ein feines, schönes Motiv liebe Siliva,
    es sieht wunderbar aus auf diesem Stickleinen!

    Herzliche Sonnengrüße aus Bayern