August SFS-B 2015 report

Month: August:
Spent: $28.27
Earned: $6.00
Budget: $25.00
Carried over from July: $51.65
To be carried over to September: $54.38

Hello dear friends and followers,

the end of August in nearing and so it's time to my monthly Stitch From Stash report.

I have only managed one finish this month, but this really is a stitch from stash, it has been in my stash for several years and this group inspired me to finally get it out and work on it.

It came as a kit from DMC together with a second one with a dog on it, which has long been sent to a friend.

I ordered some goodies from Stoney Creek: The latest issue of their magazine, some fabric and threads and a prefinished bookmark.

It has not really to do something with stitching, but I want to share with you the little fellow I crocheted recently:
Sally Sheep
Isn't she lovely? It was fun to do something different for a change.

Hope you all are having a nice late summer weekend!

Hugs, Silvia


  1. Aww too sweet, I love Sally Sheep.

  2. Ja, die SFS Gruppe bringt einen wirklich dazu, alles was man schon hat durchzusehen und man entdeckt dabei so viele schöne Sachen. Da gibt es fast keinen Grund mehr, viel Neues zu kaufen. Deine Karte ist so schön geworden.

    Ich liebe Stoney Creek und bin gespannt zu sehen, was du aus dem neuen Heft sticken wirst.

  3. Och what a lovely sheep
    Congrats on your finish its so cute and well done on your sfs budget
    Greetings from Holland

  4. Oh Sally Sheep ist total entzückend - und die kleine Miezegatse mit Rose auch. Ich kenne ja diese Gruppe bisher nur von Brigittes Blog - doch wahrscheinlich würde mir die Teilnahme auch mal gut tun. Andererseits .... ich liebe es einfach, das Sammeln so schöner Vorlagen.

    Liebe Grüße