September SFS-B 2015 report

Earned: $ 16.00
Spent: $ 94.21
Carried over from August: $ 54.38
Budget: $25.00
To be carried over to October: $ 1.17

Hello dear friends and followers,

it's hard to believe that another month is already over. This September I have done a lot of shopping for Christmas stitching, both presents and projects I want to stitch and sell at a Christmas market. But I managed to stay within my budget, yay! I guess that the next two month will see a lot of stash money earned by those projects, well, at least I hope so.

I finished a lovely project that still needs some framing, I already have the frame at home but still need to do the work ;-) and a small project a stitched for an exchange.

For a wonderful friend of mine a plan to stitch a Lizzie Kate design for Christmas. He has had some pretty hard times lately and this little saying has become a kind of code word for us when he needs some uplifting, so it might made a very suiting small present:

I had to buy the chart, the threads and the fabric, this explains why I nearly blew my budget this month as I also bought some other small treats.

I hope you are all having a good time and enjoying autumn or spring, depending on where on this beautiful planet you live.

Best wishes to you all,

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  1. That's a pretty design. Happy stitching.

    My blog is here: https://mansememories.wordpress.com/